Nga Bui

General Accountant

Nga is excited to join us as a member of the Finance and Admin team, and a founding member of ISPH.

Nga has gained qualifications and a range of experience working in Accounting and Finance in Vietnam and also in the USA. Before joining us, Nga has a number of years working as an in-house accountant as well as in accounting and tax services firms. To her, numbers are not silent figures, but the language and the spirit of a business.

Other than numbers, she loves to devote herself to gender equality and educational opportunities for all the children in Vietnam and worldwide. She believes that an international-standard education system could be accessible to many Vietnamese children in the near future.

Besides working, Nga loves to travel with her family and friends to discover different places, acknowledging local histories and cultures. She also loves to sing and play with her daughter, and teach her how to love and respect the things around her.

Phuong Nga.jpg