Year 6 AIMS Maths Challenge at ISPKL


Last week we were delighted to welcome over 130 students and teachers from 14 leading international schools to ISP to take part in the Year 6 AIMS Maths Challenge 2018

As well as international schools based here in KL, we also welcomed those travelling from East Malaysia and Penang, and several AIMS schools who were new to the competitions.

These events are organised annually by AIMS schools, with two main goals. The first is to give our most able young mathematicians a chance to challenge themselves against others in academic competition and to represent their school doing so. Schools enter one or more teams, each made up of 4 of their most able students, who then take part in a wide range of different puzzles, tests, and maths-based challenges across the two days. The second (and equally important) purpose is for children to have fun and enjoy meeting people from different schools across Malaysia.

In previous years’ Maths Challenges we’ve had many outstanding performances from ISP, including several winning teams, and highest placed individuals overall. This year was no exception, with the following notable results:

  • All 3 of ISP’s teams finished in the top 10 overall, from a total of 33 teams in the competition

  • 2 of the top 3 individual scores overall were ISP students, from a total of 132 children taking part

A final point to note was the very friendly and supportive approach of all children who took part in the event; all excellent ambassadors for their respective schools.

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