ISPKL Primary and Secondary Cross Country Champions


On Saturday 17th November, ISPKL participated in the joint ISAC and KLISS Cross Country competition at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). ISP were KLISS champions in both the Primary and Secondary categories, which is a fantastic achievement and one we are all very proud of.

The ISPKL teams did so well collectively, and there were also some outstanding individual results:


  • Abril 1st place U10G ISAC/KLISS

  • Taho 2nd ISAC and 5th in KLISS

  • Ze Hou 3rd in ISAC and KLISS


  • Kristian 2nd place U15B ISAC/KLISS

  • Nishita 2nd U13 KLISS and 5th in ISAC

  • Priya 3rd place O15G ISAC/KlISS

  • Illyas 4th place O15B ISAC and 6th in KLISS

Results such as this happen as a result of the students’ talents and hard work, but also because of the training and guidance of our coaches. Special thanks must go to Miss Lyndsay, Mr James, Mr Nigel, Miss Fran, Miss Laura, Mr Prem and Mr Wan who give their time so willingly to training sessions before the school day starts.

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